Do you want to open a loan file and are you curious about the costs involved? The various institutions, such as the bank and the notary, are bound by legislation that determines what costs they may charge. Be well advised in advance about these costs, so that you will not be faced with any surprises when opening a loan file. It is also advisable to talk to several banks in order to be able to compare the various options. A bank may only charge you estimation and file costs.


Estimation costs

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The estimation costs are for estimating the value of the property that you want to purchase when you want to take out a mortgage. You are going to borrow a large amount, so it is important for the bank to estimate what the risk is of running. By valuing the property you can determine the ratio of your mortgage loan to the value of the property. This is important for the interest rate that you pay, among other things. The banking institution must always inform you in advance of the costs and may only charge these after the estimate has been made.


File costs

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In addition, the bank can charge you for file costs, since there is time and work involved in making a proposal. The bank may only charge you these costs if a written proposal is formulated, which contains various elements. For example, take a good look at the presence of all loan conditions, but also the period of validity of the offer that you have been made. Only if the bank clearly includes these elements in the loan file is it possible to charge you for the costs. Agree with the bank in advance to what extent you want to use this, so that you always know where you stand.


Costs payable to the notary

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Are you going to borrow money, for example for the purchase of a home? Keep in mind that the bank will charge you costs, but that you will also have to go to the notary. This entails direct costs, but there is also an impact on the taxes that you have to pay. In that regard, it is wise to list the various costs of a loan file in detail.